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Optional Services

DHL offers a wide range of Optional Services - from non-standard deliveries and billing options to climate neutral shipping. In this way, we give you the flexibility to choose the service that best fits your needs when using our express delivery services worldwide.

Please note that not all Optional Services are available with every shipment or in every country.

Shipment Insurance

In addition to the standard DHL Express liability, we offer financial protection to our customers against all risks of physical shipment loss or damage, from any external cause.


Shipment Insurance can be arranged for express parcels, although some restrictions and limitations may apply. These will depend on the destination and contents of the shipment.

DHL’s Shipment Insurance meets the general requirements for loss and damage to goods in transit. Protection is effective from the time DHL Express has control or possession of the shipment until the time of delivery. Physical loss or damage of goods is covered, subject to specific limitations and exclusions.

Limitations and exclusions

Shipment Insurance covers items in transit worldwide, although temporary restrictions may apply from time to time as a consequence of, but not limited to, political, terrorist, nuclear and war risks, or on the advice of government officials. It does not cover the following:

  • delay;
  • ordinary leakage;
  • loss in weight or volume, or wear and tear of the shipment;
  • loss, damage or expense caused by insufficiency or unsuitability of packing or preparation of the shipment;
  • loss, damage or expense caused by inherent vice or nature of the shipment;
  • loss, damage or expense attributable to the willful misconduct by the customer or its agents;
  • loss, damage or expense caused by delay;
  • loss, damage or expense arising from the use of any atomic or nuclear weapon or radioactivity.

Basis of loss settlement

  • Cover is limited to the value declared by the shipper, replacement cost, invoice value or actual cash value whichever is the lowest. Evidence may be requested to substantiate the declared value in the event of a claim.
  • In the event of total loss of your shipment, with Shipment Insurance, you will also be entitled to a refund of the shipping charge. In the event of a partial loss, you will be entitled to a refund of the relevant proportion of the shipping charge.
  • When more than one shipment that is covered is subject to loss or damage arising from a single event, the maximum aggregate compensation for all such shipments is limited to 5 million EUR.

Restrictions and Exclusions for Shipment Insurance

Excluded Countries

The Shipment Insurance program is not available for imports, exports, domestic transits or storage for the following countries:

  • Cuba
  • North Korea
  • Syria

Restricted Countries

The Shipment Insurance program can provide coverage for international shipments from the time they are loaded onto or off of an international flight in Iraq or Afghanistan. However, domestic or inland transit coverage within Iraq and/or Afghanistan is not automatically covered, but may be obtained on a case by case basis. In order to obtain inland transit coverage, please contact your local Customer Service to discuss with the Risk Management team. Inland transit coverage must be agreed in writing with DHL before any transport of the Shipment.

How to make a claim

If you wish to make a claim, you should always notify DHL Express as soon as possible, but in any event, no later than 30 calendar days from the date that DHL accepted the shipment.

Extended Liability

DHL Express always takes the greatest of care with your documents. Unfortunately, accidents can sometimes happen and extended liability will provide you with additional peace of mind and financial protection.


If you are sending valuable documents such as passports, visa applications or regulatory certificates you can extend the DHL standard liability with this service. It provides coverage and compensation in the case of loss.

Easy to Use: in the event of full or partial loss to a DHL Express document shipment, fixed compensation will be paid regardless of the replacement cost of the document – no need to estimate or declare the value of documents.

Easy Access: Extended Liability can be booked when shipping documents via DHL’s shipping solutions and Customer Service.

Limitations and exclusions

Extended Liability can be only arranged for shipments containing documents.

How to make a claim

If you wish to make a claim, you should always notify DHL Express as soon as possible, but in any event, no later than 30 calendar days from the date that DHL accepted the shipment.

GOGREEN Climate Neutral

You can take care of the environment while shipping your goods. We offer an all-inclusive carbon off-setting service for account customers who wish to balance their transport activities with real measures to protect the environment. The service comprises the calculation of carbon emissions at shipment level, the offsetting of those carbon emissions through DHL’s Carbon Management activities, and the annual certification of those offsetting activities by an accredited third party, Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS).

GOGREEN Carbon Estimate

This reporting service offers a single high level overview of the carbon emissions for a company shipping with DHL Express during the previous 3 month period. Reports are derived by applying generic carbon emission factors against the actual shipping services used between all origins and destinations.

GOGREEN Carbon Footprint

This reporting service offers a detailed calculation of the actual carbon emissions for a company shipping with DHL Express during a previous time period. Quarterly and annual reports are based on the actual shipping services used, and by applying an advanced calculation methodology to specific carbon data, footprint reports can be provided by trade lane; by destination; by period of time; or by account number.

Preparation & Packaging

Shipment Preparation

This is a convenient, fast and reliable service for seasonal or irregular shipments that require extra resources for their preparation. DHL manages the entire process of waybill preparation, content selection, labelling and packaging, then sends the shipments to the designated domestic or international business addresses.


DHL Express offers its customers DHL-branded packaging items completely free of charge, such as envelopes. A payable range of standard DHL-branded packaging is also available in many locations, such as:

  • small boxes for sending printed materials and light goods
  • larger boxes for sending heavier goods
  • triangular tubes for sending posters
  • bottle boxes for sending liquids

In certain markets, DHL Express offers a range of industry packaging for specialized customer needs, such as Thermo Packaging for sending diagnostic specimens or boxes specifically designed for high value contents requiring sturdy protection such as smartphones, tablets or laptops. Please ask your Sales Executive for more details.

Pickup and Delivery Options

Weekend Pickup or Delivery

Not enough days in the week? DHL Express offers pickup and delivery options from and to certain markets when the business week just isn’t long enough. Whether it’s a Saturday Delivery to a country in Europe, a pickup in Asia on a Saturday or a delivery during the public holiday, your local DHL Express office can help to explain what is possible.

Hold for Collection

At times, it can be easier to have your customer collect shipments from a DHL managed Service Point, rather than attempt a delivery to an uncertain address. Simply request the option at the time of booking and our Customer Service staff at destination will notify the Receiver when the shipment is ready to collect. Shipments are held for up to 7 calendar days free of charge.

Neutral Delivery

An optional delivery service, allowing the shipper or importer to maintain confidentiality over the declared value of the goods. The delivery facility ensures any shipment documentation that might reveal the value of the goods is removed before delivery.

Additional charges may apply whenever the Shipper requests that duties or taxes are billed to a third party or importer of record.

Verbal Delivery Notification

When you need extra peace of mind that your shipment has been delivered, DHL Express can provide a proactive confirmation by phone. We also offer a Pickup Notification for when you are importing goods from abroad. Really useful when you are away from the office and unable to access the internet.

Payment and Billing Options

DHL Express offers its customers flexible payment and billing options for transport charges, duties and taxes. This flexibility gives the freedom to invoice the Shipper, Receiver or a third party Importer.

  • Import Express
    An Import Express billing account allows you to control all of your inbound shipments through a single account number with all shipments shown on just one single invoice. A free of charge billing option.
    Read more about our Import Services
  • Electronic Billing
    You can receive digitally signed invoices and acceptance certificates in electronic form using Diadoc system. To start working with the electronic document management operator SKB Kontur please visit the website http://www.diadoc.ru/ or ask your operator about roaming possibility. Electronic documents exchange would be possible after signing a special agreement with DHL Express.
  • Importer of Record
    This service allows the shipper to send a dutiable shipment to the receiver, with the duties and taxes invoiced to a third party at destination acting as the nominated Importer of Record (IOR).The customs invoice must indicate the importer’s billing details in addition to the receiver’s shipping address.
  • Printed Invoice
    A charge applies to every paper invoice provided to a Customer. In lieu of paper invoices, DHL’s online e-billing service is available at no extra charge.

Additional charges for Optional Services for international shipments.

Optional Service How We Charge Additional Charge
Shipment Insurance By shipment value Min 550.00 RUB or 1% of stated shipment value if higher
Extended Liability Per shipment 320.00 RUB
Shipment Preparation Per shipment 440.00 RUB
Saturday Pickup Per shipment 1 600.00 RUB
Saturday Delivery Per shipment 3 000.00 RUB
Verbal Delivery Notification Per shipment 400.00 RUB

Additional charges for Optional Services for domestic shipments.

Optional Service How We Charge Additional Charge
Shipment Insurance By shipment value Min 550.00 RUB or 1% of stated shipment value if higher
GOGREEN Climate Neutral Per shipment 8.00 RUB per kg
Saturday Pickup Per shipment 1,100.00 RUB
Saturday Delivery Per shipment 1,100.00 RUB

Valid from January 1, 2021

Optional Services and Surcharges are in addition to applicable transportation charges. They will be billed in accordance with the published rates current at the time the shipment booking is made.

Rates are started in rubles exclusive of VAT and fuel surcharge.

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