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Courier delivery of shipments in Novosibirsk

Small package delivery is an integral part of our modern life. When building relationship between private individuals and organizations and establishing contacts, we regularly face the task to deliver small-scale packages and documents. DHL Express will help to cope with the task . We provide express delivery both in Novosibirsk and in its region.

Being the global market leader for express delivery and logistics, DHL Express offers high-tech solutions to its customers. Individual citizens and legal entities, large corporations and small-sized enterprises work with our company. Courier delivery by DHL ensures that your package arrives fast and safely.

If you have made a decision to ship a package or documents with DHL Express, you will enjoy excellent service. Expert assistance by our company is particularly valuable, when time is vital. We offer a number of benefits to our customers:

  • Seamless logistics patterns within the international network;
  • Professional competence of our employees and couriers;
  • Tracking solutions to track your shipment status throughout the delivery process;
  • The shortest transit times.

We ensure complete confidentiality and safety of the packages we carry. Shipments may not contain prohibited items or dangerous goods. If you would like to send a shipment with weight and size exceeding maximum standards, its delivery has to be approved separately. We recommend checking the packaging guidelines and weight and dimensions limits for small-size shipments in advance by contacting our Customer Service team.

When placing a order for a small shipment or documents delivery, state the city and exact addresses of both the sender and the receiver. We are ready to deliver the shipment to the office or to home address to the receiver’s door in Novosibirsk. Rates for delivery services are posted at the company website. You can calculate the cost of delivery by yourself with the help of the easy-to-use online-calculator.

If you have to send documents or a package, you can trust our experts with it. Seamless logistics, cutting-edge technology and priority processing of express delivery requests are the pillars helping our courier service to work in a well-orchestrated and efficient manner.

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