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1. Terms and definitions

  • DHL — «DHL International JSC» (INN 7707033437, OGRN 1027739279920, address: 127083 Moscow, 8 Marta Street, 14);
  • Customer — an individual who transfers funds as the Payer to pay for DHL delivery services;
  • Payment card — ID card issued by the authorized Russian or foreign credit organization which allows the card holder (card owner) to make payments by electronic transfer of funds;
  • Bank — VTB Bank (public joint stock company) (INN 7702070139, OGRN 1027739609391, BIK 044525187, located at the following address: 191144, St. Petersburg, Degtyarny lane, 11, lit. A; postal address: VTB Bank (PJSC), Vorontsovskaya Street, 43, building 1, Moscow, 109147;
  • Payment — funds transfer by DHL’s Customer;
  • Terms of Delivery — common terms of delivering shipments by DHL. Posted here:

2. General Provisions

2.1. The current Offer contains the terms of providing the Customer (you) as the Payment card holder the opportunities to use the Payment card.

2.2. Carrying out the actions specified in the current Offer means its full and unconditional acceptance and confirms your consent to making the Payment by using your Payment Card based on the terms, under the procedure and within the scope set out in the current Offer.

2.3. By carrying out the actions specified in the current Offer the Customer confirms he/she has a valid and permitted cause for the Payment.

3. Payments procedure

3.1. Payment is carried out on account of the Customer’s funds deposited on their bank account.

3.2. Payment is made by the Customer on the website in the data-telecommunications network «Internet» (hereinafter — «Website»), rights owned by DHL, by creating an order.

3.3. Terms and procedure of paying for DHL services:

3.3.1. The Customer enters the exact shipment data:

  • Country, city and postal code of the Shipper
  • Country, city and postal code of the Receiver
  • Dimensions in cm and gross shipment weight.

3.3.2. The Website calculates the cost of shipment offering the three service options: «Prepare waybill and drop-off at your local DHL office», «Book a pick-up online», «Book a pickup by phone».

3.3.3. The Customer chooses the option «Book a pick-up online».

3.3.5. The Customer enters the exact Shipper’s address and Receiver’s address.

3.3.6. The Customer specifies the contact details for both Shipper and Receiver, whereby if the Customer is not the Shipper he/she must enter the email address to receive the receipt and notification in case of cancelling the order.

3.3.7 The Customer chooses the option «Pay online».

3.3.8. The Website calculates the amount to be pre-authorized on the Customer’s Payment card as follows:

  • If the shipment cost is 3.000 rubles or less (no VAT included) it amounts to the shipment cost plus 1.000 (no VAT included) as reservation buffer.
  • If the shipment cost exceeds 3.000 rubles (no VAT included) it amounts to the shipment cost plus its 30% as reservation buffer.

3.3.9. The Customer confirms that he/she is the owner of the Payment card.

3.3.10. If the Customer is not the Shipper he/she has to make sure that the Shipper is able to print the invoice and other accompanying documents required for shipping before the courier arrives. In this case the invoice is sent to the Shipper’s email address, as stated in paragraph 3.3.6.

3.3.11. The Customer confirms that he/she accepts the given terms and the amount to be preauthorized at the Payment card as a security payment to ensure the fulfillment of obligations.

3.3.12. The Customer enters the data of his/her Payment card:

  • card number
  • card expiry date
  • card CVV2 code

3.3.13. DHL blocks the Payer’s funds on his/her payment card equal to the cost calculated in paragraph 3.3.8.

3.3.14. While picking up the shipment the courier:

  • checks if the invoice has been filled-in and ready and if its number matches the number in the order. If the invoice has not been printed out or if its number doesn’t match the number in the order, the courier cancels the pick-up;
  • checks if all the required accompanying documents are provided;
  • measures the shipment weight and dimensions;
  • calculates the actual shipment cost taking into account the shipment data set out by the Customer according to the paragraph 3.3.1;
  • compares the calculated cost with the sum pre-authorized on the Customer’s Payment card:
  • if the calculated cost exceeds the pre-authorized sum — the courier informs the Customer about it and cancels the pick-up. The discrepancy cannot by compensated by cash or Payment card via terminal. To pay for the shipment online the Customer has to place the order on the website once again with the correct shipment data;
  • if the calculated cost equals to or is less than the pre-authorized sum — the courier accepts the shipment;
  • checks the contents of the shipment for compliance to Delivery Terms and Conditions.

3.3.15. DHL writes-off the funds within the pre-authorized sum while the difference between the cost estimated by the courier and the pre-authorized sum is released. The Customer gets the receipt for the sum calculated by the courier by email. For the purposes of issuing a receipt the moment of payment is considered the moment when the sum calculated by courier was written off the Customer’s Payment card.

3.3.16. If the order has been cancelled the sum pre-authorized on the Customer’s Payment card is released.

4. Other terms

4.1. Payment via Payment card is made in compliance with the rules and regulations of the international payment systems on the basis of confidentiality and security of carrying out the Payment.

4.2. By accepting the current Offer the Customer admits and guarantees that only Payment cards owned and held by the Customer will be used for making payments. The Customer bears all the responsibility for unsanctioned Payments via the Payment card including any losses, damages compensation and loss of profit etc. Thus, the Customer recognizes they are defendant for any claims or suits.

4.3. The payments are made by the Bank by transferring the funds from Payment cards VISA, MASTER CARD, JCB, if Payments are allowed online by the emitting Bank. The Customer finds out the availability of online payment option by Payment card at the emitting Bank by himself/herself.

4.4. Releasing the pre-authorized sum on the Customer’s Payment card as well as cancelling the shipment pick-up are possible before the courier arrives for the pick-up. In case the shipment has been accepted for delivery by the courier the refund of the shipment costs is carried out by sending a claim at the following email address:

4.5. All the claims and issues concerning the Payments as well as services provided have to be sent by the Customer at the following email address: and are considered within 30 calendar days after outset date of notification.

4.6. In cases, where the refund of monetary funds to the Payment card deems impossible due to technical or any other reasons the refund is made to the bank account the details on which are provided by the Customer in writing.

4.7. The Payer bears full responsibility for the consistency and validity of the data entered by him/her while making the Payment and filling in the relevant forms in cases defined in the current Offer. DHL bears no responsibility for the Payer’s losses incurred by the Payment refund denial due to failure to identify the Payer or any other reasons beyond DHL’s control.

4.8. The Payer gives his/her consent to DHL to authorize the joint-stock company «Preprocessing Settlement Center» («Predprotsessingovy Raschyotny Center») at 129085, Moscow, Zvyozdny blvd, 19/1 to process the Payer’s personal data for electronic receipts distribution to the Payer’s line number via SMS texts or emails for mutual settlement of accounts with the Contractor-Payer.

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