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Once in a while all of us face the task of immediate pickup or delivery of a package or documents. As of late it became possible on the local logistics market due to an excellent structure facilitating interactions with partners, colleagues, friends and family – courier delivery service rises up to the task.

Express delivery service is a team of professionals who handle transportation of packages and documents. It works both within the domestic region and abroad. This type of service plays a significant role in solving business issues, developing business contacts between companies, regions and countries, and fostering trade ties. Entrepreneurs, trade agents, online retailers and individual citizens use express delivery services.

It is its reliability and the shortest possible transit times that explain high demand for express delivery service. If you have an urgent need to send a package or important documents, all you have to do is book a courier or contact one of the service points of an express carrier.

Express delivery DHL

With its primary focus on express delivery DHL strives for constantly improving its service level and making its customers feel at ease. By choosing DHL as your express delivery operator, you opt for the internationally acclaimed company which is also the Russian logistics market leader. Geographic coverage of DHL express service includes all the territory of Russia as well as overseas. Advanced infrastructure of the company network allows us to delivery shipments and documents to all domestic regions. We have offices in 220 countries around the world which streamlines the process of international shipping.

Advantages of DHL express delivery:

  • Door-to-door delivery of shipments and documents;
  • Customized approach to each client;
  • The shortest transit times;
  • Sticking to the order delivery times.

Express delivery is considered to be the fastest and most convenient way of transportation all over the world. To book a DHL courier you don’t need to leave your office or home as it can easily be done by phone or on the company website.

Express delivery is indispensable for time-pressing situations or for shipping sensitive documents. This way of transportation allows for shipments to be delivered with one or several business days depending on the distance. On top of that, this delivery option is the most reliable: both the sender and the receiver can track the shipment status in real time. Shipment is delivered by a courier or held for collection at the service point depending on the options the sender chooses when shipping. The sender receives delivery notification. Besides, you can choose a time window for delivery when placing your order and discussing the terms.

Key advantages of DHL express delivery:

  • The opportunity to have your shipment delivered to remote areas of the country;
  • Several ways you can book a courier without actually attending a company service point;
  • The opportunity to track your shipment in real time;
  • Time-saving solutions and transparent quotes.

DHL Express employees aim to minimize expenses to let the customers cut down their transportation costs. With this in mind we do our best to optimize transportation routes and logistics schemes. This approach helps to boost overall performance.

The company provides both ad-hoc and regular courier services. We appreciate our customers’ trust and aim for long-term partnership. In the course of operations the company aspires to meet all the sender’s requests and requirements.

To place an order for shipment delivery service, use the online request form on the company website and fill in all the required fields including the contact phone number.

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