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Customs Clearance Services

Customs Clearance Services

DHL Express is the international specialist in shipping, with extensive knowledge and experience of dealing with customs topics worldwide. For your peace of mind, we provide a wide range of customs support for standard as well as non-routine customs-clearance processes. By making sure that clearance is a smooth and efficient process, we ensure your shipments arrive as quickly as possible, and leave you free to focus on your core business. With our online tool ( we provide essential customs information to help you prepare your shipments.

In accordance with Eurasian Economic Union legislation a brokerage agreement is to be signed between a cnee/a cnor importer/exporter (a represented entity) and DHL Express (a customs representative). A customer may choose a customs representative or declare the goods by himself.

Brokerage service is to be paid based on tariffs which are an integral part of a brokerage agreement.

Other Government Agency

At request, DHL will arrange the completion of Veterinary, Health or Phytosanitary controls at the First Point of Entry in a country or a Customs Union, typically required when importing animal products, plants, seeds, or pharmaceutical products.

Bonded Storage

In case customs clearance takes longer than three days from the shipment arrival date due to circumstances beyond control of DHL Express (including but not limited to inaccurate or missing paperwork, lack of decision by the customs authorities) a charge will be made for bonded storage. Charges take effect three days after the shipment arrival date or broker’s notification, whichever is later, and shall be paid by the importer.

Translation and preparation of documentation

To speed up the customs declaration process, DHL Express, at the request of the sender or receiver, can translate the invoice into Russian and/or English. This service is subject to a fee depending on the volume of information being translated.

DHL, based on the information and documents provided by the customer, can prepare a technical description or other documents necessary for declaration purposes. The service is agreed upon by the parties and paid for under the customs declaration agreement.

Export Declaration

Applies in countries where an export declaration is required for shipments containing controlled commodities or exceeding a certain value threshold or weight. Depending on origin country, shippers that submit a declaration online may avoid the local charge.

Formal Clearance

Applied in selected countries, when goods with an aggregated declaration value or weight exceeding the limits set by destination Customs Authorities, or due to other regulatory requirements are excluded from routine clearance on a consolidated manifest and thus require clearance under an individual entry form.

Multiline Entry

For shipments containing different commodities, a multiline entry charge is applied for every additional line item. All commodities require identification and must be classified under unique harmonized code tariff numbers. The charge applies to the duty and taxes payer.

Clearance Data Modification

DHL may add or modify data declared to customs authorities for clearance purposes such as declared values, classification of the goods, and importer details, based on documentary evidence gathered from or confirmed by the importer or exporter and only upon request by customs authorities or at the request of the importer/exporter. This service is available if mutually agreed by the Parties only.

Change of Billing

When changes to customer's billing invoice are required. This service applies when a customer requests a change of defined billing information on an already issued invoice, which will result in a reissuing of the invoice and, in case of an account change, crediting of the old account and debiting of the new. The service is available in limited number of countries. For more information please contact our customer service department or your sales representative.



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Additional charges for Customs Services

Customs Service How We Charge Additional Charge
Bonded Storage Per shipment, starting the 4th working day
520 RUB per shipment and 8 RUB per kg per day, starting the 4th working day
Formal clearance Per shipment
Depends on shipment value
Representing of Represented Entity within additional control of functional departments of Customs if available (e.g. valuation, classification)
Per shipment
2 900 RUB
Export Declaration Per shipment
Min 19 600 RUB if shipment value is more than 1 000 EUR
Non-Routine Entry Per shipment
Minimum 8 200 RUB
Physical Intervention Per shipment
2 800 RUB
Change of Billing 
Per shipment 1 900 RUB

Valid from November 1, 2023

Rates are started in rubles exclusive of VAT

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