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Shipping rates

Shipping cost is calculated based on the shipment characteristics and distance to the destination. Shipping rates are posted on our website. You may calculate the shipping cost by yourself with the help of our user-friendly calculator – just enter the post codes and cities of both the sender and the receiver, choose the shipment type (document or non-document) and weight. Following that, the website will offer three options for you to choose: to drop your shipment at a service point, to book a courier online or to place a request for shipment delivery by making a phone call DHL Express Customer Service. The most cost-effective option is dropping your shipment at DHL’s service point as you will have to fill in the invoice on the website, print it out and come to DHL’s office. The most expensive option is to arrange for a pick-up by phone as you will get expert advice and the courier will come to the address you have stated to pick up the shipment. Besides standard packages you can also choose temporary promo offers which are posted on the home page of the website.

You can pay for DHL Express services in cash or non-cash settlements. Cash settlement implies payment in rubles or by a credit card. You can check if and which credit cards are accepted on the website (when paying online) or in your local DHL Express service point when dropping off your shipment there. If you open a customer account with DHL, you will be able to pay for the services by a bank transfer. Customers are billed for the services rendered against their customer agreements on a weekly basis.

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