DHL Express – Courier delivery of document and non-document shipments across Russia and abroad, logistics services
Express delivery with DHL Express
Express delivery with DHL Express
Express delivery services for parcels and envelopes by the specialists in international shipping
We will deliver your shipment on the next possible working day
Door-to-door delivery of your shipment done quickly and safely
Delivery of goods and documents worldwide
Every employee of the company is a Certified International Specialist

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DHL not only provides you with efficient and reliable express service but offers you various promotional programs
DHL MyBill Portal
DHL MyBill Portal

DHL Express launched a new online invoice management system DHL MyBill on September 23, 2020 to help simplify your DHL billing experience.

Happy Hours
Happy Hours
Take advantage of a 15% discount when shipping from the service point at certain times of the day.
About the company

Express delivery

Express delivery is a unique sector within the diverse logistics and transportation industry. Unlike companies typically focused on consolidated and large shipments, express delivery gives high priority to reducing transit time, which is made possible due to thorough planning of delivery routes.

Delivery services mostly imply transportation of documents and small packages for a wide range of customers, from private individuals to large enterprises. If you want a shipment to be delivered urgently, the DHL courier service will get the things done.

Being one of the leading logistics companies in the world, DHL Express won recognition among Russian and foreign customers alike. Due to our considerable experience in express delivery we managed to build a truly leading-edge and advanced network focused on providing a full range of international services.

Express delivery is the top priority of our company. We have extensive infrastructure in 220 countries and territories around the world. Transit times vary from one to several business days (depending on shipping distance). We ensure safe and timely delivery.

Here are the steps to follow when shipping with the DHL Express delivery service:

Our handy tracking service will help you track the status of your shipment on the way to its destination in real time.

Express delivery has long now been an integral part of modern life. It’s a big time saver, which is the main advantage of the service. If anything, it’s the best way to build rapport with partners and close friends. DHL Express also offers global reach, customized approach and advanced technological solutions.

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