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Express delivery between countries for business

In this day and age when integration processes are rapidly developing and borders are almost wide open to free trade, import shipments are an integral part of the economic stability of Russia in the modern world. Import is one of the top-requested transportation services.

That said, problems quite often emerge when arranging for international delivery – it is challenging to find a reliable carrier, choose the shipping method and tackle customs clearance issues. DHL Express is ready to import from Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Africa. Imports are mostly shipped by air transport. Every request to DHL Express is followed by the expert analysis of the shipment features and its transportation requirements. Following that we offer the best import solution and the most efficient customs clearance option.

Special aspects of import shipments

Import is an inbound shipment of goods of foreign origin into the country. Carriage of goods across the customs border is carried out based on the trade agreement and in compliance with Tariff and Non-tariff Regulations. Imports are cleared in customs control areas on the territory of the Russian Federation.

If you are not an expert in foreign trade operations, it might be challenging to figure out all the legislative ins and outs. If this is the case, it is better to delegate management of moving goods across the customs border and the relevant paperwork to the professionals. Our employees will pick up the shipment from the sender, arrange its transportation and clear customs. The only thing left for you to do is to track the shipment status in real time.

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DHL EXPRESS WORLDWIDE IMPORT Time-sensitive: delivery by end of next possible day

Express import to Russia by DHL Express

DHL Express offers a wide range of services including carriage of import shipments and the relevant paperwork. The services include among others:

  • Preliminary analysis of the shipment and agreement of terms of carriage with the customer;
  • Handling of goods at the warehouse and consolidation;
  • Managing approvals, permits and licenses;
  • Clearing customs;
  • Shipment delivery.

We provide top-quality services due to our long track record on the international market and highly competent employees. We are ready to arrange for a fast and safe delivery to Russia as well as help with all the paperwork.

Advantages of working with DHL Express:

  • Our own international network with delivery to 220 countries around the world;
  • Customized approach to transportation within Russia;
  • Solutions to track the shipment status online;
  • Best value for money with focus on speed and quality.
  • Transportation and customs clearance costs depend on the size and weight of the shipment and its destination country.

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