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Delivery of Valuable Shipments

At DHL we do our best for a safe on-time delivery of your shipments. That is why proper packaging with appropriate materials is so important.

If you’re going to send a valuable shipment, please check it against the list of restricted and prohibited commodities. You can find the list here.

When packing your shipment, keep in mind that it will be carried within express delivery network. International express shipments require a more severe compliance with packaging standards than those carried by other ways of transportation as shipments are processed within the network of conveyable belts, airplanes and employees.

Please see below our guidelines on sending valuable shipments within DHL Express network:

Step 1 - Assess

  1. Consider the weight & fragility of shipment contents;
  2. Check the value of content being shipped as you might want to opt for Shipment Insurance service;
  3. Take into the account packing requirements prescribed by transportation regulations.
Step 2 - Pack
  • Use quality double wall boxes or DHL Express packaging supplies dedicated to carrying shipments across express network;
  • Ensure 6cm distance between shipment content and all walls of the box;
  • Fill all void space;
  • Adopt H-taping method to seal all edge and seams.
  • Step 3 - Label
  • Apply shipment label to the top surface of your package;
  • Clearly display shipment label on a single surface;
  • Double-check if all data stated on the label are correct;
  • If you send a valuable shipment abroad, data on the label have to be stated in English and an invoice must accompany it.
  • Should you have any questions or require any additional information on shipping your package, you can always contact our local Customer Service team.

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