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How to Send Documents to Another City

At DHL we do our best for a safe on-time delivery of your document and non-document shipments. Documents travel thousands of kilometers in DHL global network before they reach their destination.

Please remember that a correct label and proper packaging of documents ensure their safe and secure delivery, so make sure that the label has the correct address and your documents are properly packed. If you don’t have a suitable envelope, take advantage of DHL Express supplies of cardboard envelopes designed specifically for shipping documents in express network.

You can drop off your documents to be shipped abroad in the local service point. Alternatively, you may order a courier pick-up or contact Customer Service team.

Having chosen the delivery option, you have to fill in the shipping label stating all the necessary data regarding both the sender and the receiver:

  • Address, first name, surname and contact phone of the sender (if applicable – the name of the company;
  • Address, first name, surname and contact phone of the receiver (if applicable – the name of the company;
  • Detailed description of the shipment contents;
  • Signature and date.

Please note that if you send documents abroad, all the contact details have to be provided in English. You also have to make sure that the envelope contains only documents / correspondence on paper with no commercial value. Only in this case your shipment will be accepted into DHL Express network as documents to be shipped abroad.

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