DHL Express celebrates anniversary of IMPORT EXPRESS

Press Releases: Moscow 07/30/20
DHL Express celebrates anniversary of IMPORT EXPRESS

DHL Express, the world leader in logistics and express delivery, announces anniversary of a major product in the company’s portfolio – IMPORT EXPRESS is celebrating 25 years in July 2020. The first DHL Express import shipment was shipped from Rome to Switzerland on July 1, 1995. Since then the service has become highly popular both across the globe and in Russia.

Although it started as a simple billing solution, Import Express turned into a key DHL network product, which is today helping our customers across all industries to manage their supply chains with visibility, ease and simplicity – and all that for shipments from 220 countries around the world.

IMPORT EXPRESS was launched in Russia in 2000. The service is tailored for time-sensitive international shipments, it is available all over the world and helps customers to have their import goods delivered by definite time – all the while enjoying the opportunity to track the shipment till the destination point, receive delivery notifications as well as have the shipment paid for by the receiver or a third party.

From the early days the number of shipments imported into Russia with IMPORT EXPRESS service was demonstrating dynamic growth. In 2000 Russian DHL customers requested delivery of a few thousand shipments from abroad to Russia while 10 years later that number ran to over 50,000 shipments a year with the total weight of 1 million kg. IMPORT EXPRESS remains one of the fastest-growing products in DHL Express portfolio up till now.

“Having launched IMPORT EXPRESS on the Russian market back in 2000, we offered a convenient opportunity to Russian entrepreneurs to receive all the essential business goods from their foreign partners without any concerns of if and how their partners can arrange delivery to Russia. Due to such undeniable advantages as the global reach, ease of use, financial transparency and a feature that allows receivers to track their shipment throughout delivery process, IMPORT EXPRESS became one of our key products”, says Anna Klinskova, Vice-President for Sales and Marketing, DHL Express Russia. 
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