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Shipment delivery to Ireland

DHL Express is the top player on the international logistics market. We are ready to meet the demand of legal entities and individual citizens for services related to transportation of document and non-document shipments from Russia to practically any corner of the world. Geographic coverage of our service is truly impressive: our advanced infrastructure includes over 220 countries and territories in the world.

Streamlined partnership schemes and optimized routes ensure high service standards and on-time shipment delivery.

A shipment to Ireland can be delivered in 3 business days. Our expertly designed logistics schemes provide for opportunities to export goods to the countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. Within the international express delivery DHL, the leading logistics company offers:

  • Sending document and non-document shipments from the customers’s location;
  • Managing customs and shipping paperwork;
  • Tracking shipment status in real time.

If delivery time is vital, our company is ready to arrange for time-critical express delivery. Shipments are delivered to the receiver’s door.

Collaboration with DHL has a number of definite advantages:

  • Exports shipped to the top directions;
  • Customized approach to managing shipment delivery;
  • Informational and consulting support;
  • A wide range of additional services;
  • The best value for money with focus on service quality and performance;
  • The shortest transit times from Russia to Ireland.

Shipping rates for express delivery are posted on the company website. The cost of international shipment delivery is calculated based on the shipment characteristics and the distance. You can get the estimated shipping rate by filling in the dimensions and weight of the shipment as well as the destination address into the required fields. The terms of carriage for express delivery are also posted on the company website. Please, note that there are a number of restrictions that apply to shipments. To place an order, use the user-friendly online form and fill in all the fields including the phone number.

Trust express delivery to the experts of the industry with great record. We will safely deliver your shipment in no time regardless of the destination country.

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