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Shipment delivery to the Netherlands

Netherlands Shipment delivery to the Netherlands

DHL Express focuses on a wide range of services for delivery of document and non-document shipments. International delivery is one of the top priorities in our business. The company has been developing cooperation with the local and foreign partners and has managed to build a streamlined scheme of express delivery of shipments. DHL ensures safe, reliable and fast delivery of shipments from Russia to Netherlands.

Our transportation company has offices in almost all regions across Russia. DHL Express operates in over 220 countries and territories of the world. We deliver to the most popular international and domestic directions. Unlike standard transport-expediting services, express delivery allows for the biggest delivery time reduction due to routes optimization and unique logistics solutions.

Document and non-document shipments are delivered within one to several business days. DHL has advanced regional and international infrastructure. Due to the network of office both within Netherlands and abroad we can boost efficiency and reliability of logistics schemes. We deliver door-to-door, be it Russia or the most far-away continent. The company will also help you with customs clearance and paperwork.

Small package delivery by DHL has a number of undeniable advantages:

  • Top-quality service;
  • The widest geography of providing services;
  • Highly competent employees;
  • Customized approach to managing express delivery of shipments to the country;
  • Safe and secure package delivery.

You can track the package location throughout the delivery process with the help of a user-friendly application. Transparent rates are another competitive advantage of our company. Express delivery rates are calculated based on the distance. You can use the online calculator to get an estimated rate of your package express delivery. To request a shipment just place your order on the website.

Express delivery has long been an integral part of trade and economic contacts. Success of your cooperation with business partners as well as your business success on the whole depends a lot on how reliable the carrier is. Trust transportation to the professionals with significant experience in managing logistics scheme. We will do our job in no time regardless of the destination country.

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