50% off your third shipment!

Enjoy our special offer – 50% off your third shipment. To take advantage of the discount you have to:

  • Send 2 shipments (documents are accepted as well) by booking a courier or dropping them off at a DHL Express Service Point in participating cities*.
  • Register 2 DHL waybills in your profile on http://bonus.dhl.ru/and get a promo code. The waybills are to be registered within 30 days from the shipping date.
  • Apply the promo code to get a discount when booking a courier or dropping your shipment off at a participating DHL Express Service Point (listed in Terms and Conditions on http://bonus.dhl.ru/) till December 31st, 2021.

* The discount is applicable to shipments paid in cash or credit and/or debit card to a courier or at DHL Express Service Points.

Not applicable to waybills for International delivery service shipments and waybills registered within other promotions or campaigns.

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