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Green Solutions

Optimized transport routes, vehicles with alternative drive systems and energy-efficient warehouses – there are many ways to reduce climate-damaging CO2 emissions and other environmental impacts in the transportation and storage of goods.

Working with our customers, we want to leverage this potential. At DHL, we call this GOGREEN. We believe that environmental protection and business success are not just compatible, they are closely interlinked.

GOGREEN Products and Services

With our expertise and global presence, we can offer our business customers a broad portfolio of green products and services. By providing detailed Carbon Reports, we show them where they stand in terms of greenhouse gas emissions.

In our Green Optimization service, we work with customers to identify areas for improvement, and ways to achieve a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and improve their overall environmental performance.

And to compensate for unavoidable emissions, we offer Climate Neutral services. Participating in the voluntary emissions trading scheme, we purchase carbon credits from specialist providers who use the revenue accrued to finance climate protection projects.

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