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Shipment Delivery By Air

Shipment Delivery By Air

DHL delivers document and non-document shipments to over 220 countries and territories of the world. Our network in Russia spans over 6,000 cities and towns.

DHL Express is ready to manage international delivery (exports and imports) as well as domestic shipments within Russia. We mostly rely on air freight to ship documents and packages. The majority of outbound shipments are consolidated in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and the Far East and then shipped by air to DHL’s global logistics hubs located in Leipzig, Helsinki and Hong Kong. DHL operates its own dedicated charter flights to the hubs: 6 times a week for return flights from Moscow to DHL’s global logistics hub in Leipzig; 5 times a week for return flights from Saint-Petersburg to Helsinki. The company also operates direct flights from the Far East to Hong Kong and Seoul and from Moscow to Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

DHL Express in Russia processes over 15 inbound and 25 outbound international flights daily.

The hub in Leipzig is the largest sorting facility in Europe. Thousands of shipments are received, sorted and processed here overnight and then shipped to all the corners of the world. The global sorting center covers the total area of 1,200,000 square meters. About 75 airplanes land in Leipzig overnight. More than 4,900 DHL’s certified international specialists work at the sorting center. About 2,000 tons of shipments are processed in a business day here.

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